Look in the sky and tell me what you see Part 2

Hopefully you are still with me.

Now I want to comment about the Bible and anything said here is not to disrespect anyone at all simply it is just what I think and nothing more.


The Bible is more truth than not,but it is not the complete truth and I say this because the people who wrote the bible lived 5000 years ago and some of it just seems to be an arrangement of  fairy tales( Some seemly to be true while others are very hard to grasp. Some of the time lines are way off  according to the advanced science we have today.For example: The Paleozoic Era which had 7  periods which started 543 million years ago and life on earth consisted of.


arthropods,amphibians,fish and mammel-like reptiles then  90% of life on earth went extinct Via Volcanism when massive amounts of cabon filled the Earth amosphere.


The bible doesn’t mention the dinosaurs ( not that I expect it too) Science claims that after the Paleozoic Era it took 245 Million years for life to rebound into the Dinosaurs who ruled the earth for  300 Millions years then went extinct 65 million years ago Via Meteor.

Then it took another 60 million years for the earth to recover once again for the first people to roam the earth 1.5 million years ago and evolved from many different species of Man.

The latest Neanderthals and Homo-Sapians. Science also claims that earth was formed 4.5 Billon years ago which at that time there was no life because the earth was uninhabitable due to over whelming masses of carbon and other elements in the air could not support life at the time and not to mention of the constant bombardment of asteroids and meteors and severe heat as the earth continued to form in the process of  Accretion.

According to the bible the world and everything in it began 6,000 – 8,000 years ago. I just think in this case modern science has it right when compared to people who lived 3,000 + years ago we are just so much more advanced in science, but that’s not to say that we are more advanced in morals , because compared to today these people are more advanced than us by far,but one thing is for sure the bible has many, many teachings on how to live our life for the good, how to treat people good, teaches us how to love and much more.It also teaches us if you just open your eyes and your heart and let God in you can feel him.

As long as I can remember since I was a kid. I have always heard about the controversy about Religion and Science the two sides fighting it out to see who is right as I said I am in my 40′s now ( 43) and I have come to the conclusion that they are both right,maybe not on all levels, but common ground that makes sence. 

All the time lines may not be right or everything debated about whether God does or doesn’t exist may have not fell into place, but one thing is for sure, there has been an enormous energy shooting across the universe for 15 billion years. 

Solar systems inside of galaxies,galaxy after galaxy and star after star,  in design humming with perfect harmony to create life here on earth and unseen forces to protect this life and to  that is something great on both sides the ability to look up into the sky and feel it.

I hope that you are still me and I hope that I just may capture your attention for a little more.

I think we all have been through the trials and tribulations of life. I know I have and sometimes it is hard to see the good amongst all the bad, it’s hard to keep a positive attitude about belief and for someone like me that was most of my life, but look into the face of  the person you love, an innocent child, a puppy, see the friendly face of a stranger that tells you the story of he/she heart and by doing so you know in your heart that person is good.


 That feeling you get that you really know without a word being spoken.Think of your favorite song that makes you cry with happiness or even sadness as the music shoots through you giving you goose bumps.

 Take a dive to the bottom of the sea and witness the sea creatures over whelming colorful light show lighting up the darkness of the deep.

 Look into the blue sky, white clouds and storm clouds that provide the earth with rain to produce the fruit we eat and every edible substance that sustains us all with help from the Sun,not to far away and not to close just in the perfect position for life to exsist.

 Trees and flowers also has purpose as they filter the air we breathe and beautiful. Human Mind and Heart capable of many great things, logic, reasoning, creativity, compassion,emotion. You can’t get these things by randomly fusing chemicals together,  it’s called a Soul.

 Also the gift of sight to see all the forementioned things,hearing to hear the voice of another soul, smell the flowers and the air,  feel the breeze and taste the fruit.

We share most of these things with the animals of the earth who are ever-changing mutating and evolving to survive on their own with even greater senses than humans.


I believe that when you see and feel the amazement of these things in your heart you are looking into the face of God and you feel it in your heart and you know it,  that feeling you get when you know,  just know it without a word being spoken.

 I believe this is Gods way of letting us see him with out blinding us.


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  1. Pam says:

    When life gives you reason to doubt, just look at Vinnie’s face : ). There’s always proof even in the middle of the shitstorms if you just take it in. That’s what gets me up every day, even when I just wanna curl up on the couch and give up trying. This is really, really good.

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