Being creative comes and goes with me all the time. Sometimes I am inspired while other times I just scribble.

Ever since I was a teenager back in the 1980’s ,I have been scribbling and writing mostly lyrics than poetry,but it is all the same in one form or another.

Some of the things I write about can be considered dark,but it could be or it is only the way it is interpreted.

Hold on ,I don’t want to shock you   lol, but one of my influences when growing up in the 1980’s is Ozzy Osborne ( Black Sabbath in the 1970’s ) then he went solo in the 80’s.

Also, AC/DC rocked me as a teenager as the head banging years began.

Although I had many lyrical and musical influences my life was another influence that kinda played it’s part in my mind to spark my creativity. Not all good and not all bad, through the up and downs with depression and living life on the streets without a place to call home.

The following are a collection of writing,a lot stored in my head over the years while others I have been written down or store on my pc. Some complete and some still needing me to probe my mind for the rest.

I am new to this blog thing. I wrote my first blog on April 1,2011, What does that mean? lol I guess we will see.
Never, Never Leave Me Anyway         2001

A prisoner in my own mind

I got the time, I got the time

Pass me the bottle, it’s all a lie, it’s a lie

All my friend have turned to bones

And,I know that they are not alone

I keep crawlin’  I keep callin’

Father, Can you hear me? Father , Can you hear me cry? Father , Can you see me through the dark clouds in the sky?  I close my eyes…………

Now, I lay myself down to eternal sleep, I pray Lord, my soul to keep

Never, Never leave me, Anyway !!!

Tug a war with good and bad

Most of the time I have been sad

I hear your voice, but it’s out of reach

Echoing whispers of the word that you teach

Oh, Pass me the bottle, it’s all a lie, it’s a lie

My heart has turned to stone to a love that I never known

I keep fallin’   I keep callin

Father, Can you hear me?Father, Can you hear me cry? Father, Can you see me through the dark clouds in the sky? I close my eyes…….


Rock Bottom    2009

Black clouds are rollin’ in, we are the believers in sin, Oh No !

Do you think you have it all under control? You should have listened to what you were told.

Now your living behind the walls of deep despair and you didn’t need me to take you there.

Your beat down on the streets gotta grow eyes in the back of your head

You don’t know which way to turn, your spirit is dead and the moon is shining red

Going down that path where the sun never shines,I love you and never want to leave you behind, it is now your time………..

Here I am,” And it’s such a lonely place, so dark and so cold, just like the life I could never face.

I can hear you callin’ through all the screams of broken hearts

My destiny was to grow wings and fly away, then I fell apart……………………..

I hit Rock Bottom, staring into the eyes of death, Rock Bottom, I’m taking my last breath, Rock Bottom , I know you would never lie ,you promised me I would fly

Devine is the stairway, I see now it’s not your time to die

Last in Line, Lightning strikes, One falls from the sky

One day to me is to you a thousands years, even with all my heart I can’t hold back the tears, it’s never to late to begin, you were born into this world in sin

The lights are shining brightly just open up your mind

Seek and you shall find


If I Had Three Wishes   Aug  2010  I wrote this song  for Pams birthday and is dedicated to Pam Hawley who is my Best Friend in the World and The Love of my life.She is also a Blogger here on WordPress

                      You can find her @ Hawleyville.wordpress.com

If I had three wishes, I would want to share them with you

Your my best friend in the world, your love and mine makes two

One wish we would never die and never cry

If I had three wishes, I would want to share them with you

Oh Lord, she came from the sky, I opened my eyes, so beautiful standing there I realize………………….

If I had three wishes, I want want to grow old with you, your the love of my life and it’s all I want to do

One wish we would never die and never cry

If I had three wishes, I would want to share them with you

Oh Lord, she came from the sky, I opened my eyes, so beautiful just standing there I realize…………….she’s mine……….

If I had three wishes, I would want to share them with you

With all my heart and all my soul

I see you…………………..

I Ask, I Seek, I Knock     2010

So, what is blasphemy? Can you you tell me from the top of your head?

When the spirit cuts you, our blood still runs red

Chain the devil in custody we may breathe a sigh of relief

Black Earth collapses in it’s belief

Could it be that love has become an abomination, cutting down all the faces that are true

Oh ! Lead us not into temptation, one and only son, this blood is for you

I am askin’, I am seekin’ and I am knockin’  The light in the sky is fadin’ away

I am askin’, I am seekin’ and I am knockin’  Can you hear me when I pray ?

So, What is religion? Is it hated one by one? The mass of non – believers stand under the darkened sun

Please don’t pass me by as I hold out my hand

The time has come to call , I hope you understand

Let’s get down on our knees and pray

Shout out !! And move the mountains, one and only son ,this blood is for you

I am askin’, I am seekin’, I am knockin’ The light in the sky in fadin’ away

I am askin’, I am seekin’, I am knockin’ Can you hear me when I pray?

The Little Witch    1986

The Little Witch stands with her hands in the air on a mountain so high

I can see the lightning flashin’ high in the sky

I can hear the thunder roar ………………………..

She’s not with me anymore

Here I am in this lonely world so dark and so cold

I can’t breath my bleeding heart is so old

Trembling down the path to my grave

The story will be told

Woh ! Oh ! Woh ! You Little Witch !

The sky turns from blue to black

The howling wind whispers

She’ s never coming back

I am lost hoping to be found

The page has turned,

But I an still lying on the ground

She cast a spell upon my heart

Oh, I loved her true

Listen to the whispers

Woh ! Oh ! Woh ! You Little Witch !

I can see the cross in the distance

Miles away, miles high

The end of my path

Is the end of her wrath

It’s time to say goodbye

She faded away into the night

With a smile upon her face

Woh ! Oh ! Woh ! You Little Witch !


Don’t look in her eyes ” 1986 ”

When we were together my love felt so real when you waved your magic hand

And said,” Love you will feel.”

Little boys of the world watch out, she will break your heart

She’ll make you believe in something that’s not there

Just what she’s done to me

Another victum she slammed my heart to the ground 

And said these words to me, “You will be mine forever, Oh Yeah,” Just like the rest.”

I am leaving you hangin” with a broken heart and you can’t let go

One thousand years of shedding tears

Flooding water raise the tide

I am trapped in her own little world with no place to hide

Run , Little Boy, Run , Little Boy

But, Don’t look in her eyes

Don’t look in here eyes


Man Insane  “2003”

Some I wonder, Who is to blame

The price was one and the bid was shame

The walls that breath keeps your mind in line

For thoughts can stray when given time

Get out of my mind………………

Warm me up don’t let me freeze

The chill of evil is in the breeze

No use for cryin,” You’ll get the whip

No use for cryin,” We are takin’ a trip

Where the lightning flashes and the thunder roars

Give me more, Give me more , Give me more

My head is spinnin’, I can’t get back

Steam train rollin’ down the track

I open my eyes and what do I see?

Steam train pumpin’, Down on me


Memory Lane  “2001”

Aggravation, Frustration sweat on my head

Confusion, Illusion

Destiny is dead

No time to wait you got to move fast

Cuz’ If you snooze, you will loose

You’ll come in last

Let’s take a trip down memory lane

To find out why I ‘m insane……………………………

You can only fill a cup so high

I am the stormy wind in the blackest sky……………………….

One child born without a mother

Crying eyes, broken heart like no other

Hey Boy,”What’s your name?” John Doe every ones foe

Is my claim to fame

Let’s take a trip down Memory Lane

To find out why I’m insane………………………….

 Hey, Silent God !

Why do your rainbows still shine in the sky!

Hey, Silent God !


About OneWithTheUniverse

Hello Lee here, 42 yo Born and raised in Baltimore,Md, There is a story behind Boogersview she ( Pam Hawley ) who is also a blogger here calls me booger, so Here is Boogers View. I love to fish , camp, hike and bike ride. I like to work in my yard, landscaping, cut grass, gardening. I have a fat cat named Slyvester and Cool ferret named Vin Weasel I like to blog about things that amaze and interest me or concern me good or bad. I am new here so, let's see how it goes. Also, I am on FaceBook stop by and say Hi.
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