Road Rage


I would be the first one to admit that the way some people drive, one would think that they received their licence from a “Cracker Jack Box.” Some are extremely annoying and dangerous. I am not saying this excludes me, because I play my part in one form or another.

Personally, I think the cause of the matter is over population and the fact that society lacks care and respect for fellow-men and women anymore. Not to mention drunk and drugged drivers or people talking on their cell phones or even arguing and fist fighting while driving down the street.

The Ways of Annoyance:

You are driving down the road a car has been following you for a mile or two and you are approaching a stop sign or a red light, you stop, but the person behind you stops 2 feet from your back bumper, What is this? Why? I don’t understand why anyone would do this. The person who does this is lucky if the person they stopped behind so close has an automatic transmission, because if the person had a standard transmission they would drift back first before they went on their way and at the same time hitting the car behind them. I just don’t get it,why not just stop at least a car length away, I guess we will never know.

Here’s a good one.

Traveling at 45 mile per hour and you’re in the turning lane and the person in the lane next to you driving parallel to you wants to get over,so they can make the turn, but they do not put their turn signal on and when you don’t let them over, I’ll assume that if you don’t have your turn signal on you are going straight, ( I can’t read minds) so they get mad roll down their window and flip you the bird or hang their head out the window and scream profanity at you, what a dummy,I think that’s so funny.

Then you have the driver who flies past you on the beltway and gets over in front of you and slows down. And, mind you, you are already doing 65-70 mph in a 55 mph zone. However give this person a little credit at least they put on their blinker before doing so.

Signs, Signs everywhere theirs sign, blocking up the scenery and breaking my mind, Do this, Don’t do that,Can’t you read the signs !!!!

Sometimes I wonder why they put these signs up everywhere because 85% or more of the drivers fail to abide by them. I do know for obvious reasons they are there for safety purposes, but when drivers ignore them it could cause harm to yourself, other drivers and pedestrians. My favorite is the “Shuffle Stop” It’s when you slow down, but don’t come to a complete stop and don’t  even bother to look to see if the coast is clear before continuing on….. at a Stop Sign. Some drivers do not slow down at all they just ignore it and go about their merry way. How rude and inconsiderate are they?

Is patience is a virtue ? Well, not where I come from. Depending on where you get your information Maryland is ranked in the top 3 in the country for the most impatient and ignorant drivers.

Forget about slowing down in the rain or snow or stopping at a cross walk while pedestrians are waiting to cross.

Forget about allowing following distance when someone cuts in front of you unexpectedly ( without a turn signal ) closing the gap and then you see them wave, “Thanks” in their rear view mirror with a smirky smile. I say,  “Hey Buddy Go **** Yourself !

Sorry, I had to go there, but I did tell you that I don’t exclude myself .You do get the picture don’t you?

Oh here’s another one :

You are stopped in a line of traffic at a red light and you are in the lane right next to the turning lane. You look in your rear view mirror and you see this car coming up on you fast from behind. Just as the light turns green they swing into the turning lane and fly past everyone who was stopped at the light, man that s**t burns me up!

I could go on and on here, but at some point I need to draw the line somewhere.

Of course I don’t think their will ever be a complete remedy for “Road Rage,”but there are things we can do to make it more pleasant. What ever happened to the long Sunday drives? When you could pack up in the morning and go without all the chaos or hop in the car any day of the week to simply just drive to the Micky Dee’s to get a bite to eat without running into a bunch of  “Jack Wagons.”

Here are 5 things we can do to make it a lot more pleasant:

1.  Slow down .

2. Have some respect for our fellow-men and women

3,  Take a deep breath and grow some patience.

4.  Let another driver know your intentions.

5.  Get your head out of your ass and maybe just maybe we all can……


About OneWithTheUniverse

Hello Lee here, 42 yo Born and raised in Baltimore,Md, There is a story behind Boogersview she ( Pam Hawley ) who is also a blogger here calls me booger, so Here is Boogers View. I love to fish , camp, hike and bike ride. I like to work in my yard, landscaping, cut grass, gardening. I have a fat cat named Slyvester and Cool ferret named Vin Weasel I like to blog about things that amaze and interest me or concern me good or bad. I am new here so, let's see how it goes. Also, I am on FaceBook stop by and say Hi.
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2 Responses to Road Rage

  1. Jackie Paulson Author says:

    I love this, signs signs everywhere: what for? No one bothers to read them. I bet a police officer would testify to that one. Great blog.

  2. Assholery it is. Very sad story to hear about. As I said in the post people just don’t care anymore. Thanks for responding

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