The Rivalry that Rocks the NFL The Baltimore Ravens vs The Pittsburgh Steelers

Woot !! Woot !! Woot !!  Any Dogs In The House ? Woot !! Woot !! Woot !! Any Dogs In The House ? Hey, What’s your name ? Ravens ! Hey, What’s your name ? Ravens !

This is coming from the perspective of a Baltimore Raven Fan, but I have to be honest and as a Raven fan and I am not supposed to say this. What would my fellow Raven fans think of this coming out of my loud mouth ? The Pittsburgh Steelers are a bunch of tough, hard-nosed, a fighting opposition fighting to win to the end in any game and they have 8 Super Bowl appearances and Won 6 of them to prove it. If any team from the AFC North or any team from any division who wants to go to the Super Bowl and win it you will have to beat The Pittsburgh Steelers first.

And, of course as a Ravens fan, I need to say, ” The Squeelers Suck,” but as a man I know what’s up.  Baltimore Raven fans are some of the rudest and meanest fans anywhere and I am sure that for the most part there are Steeler fans that rank right up there too, but the Steeler fans I know aren’t that bad,well on second thought a Steeler fan is a Steelers fan >>> wink <<  Honestly, I don’t think I could put up with one outside of my circle and that within itself makes it much more exciting on “Game Day.”

 From 1996 – 2010  The Ravens vs Steelers played 32 games with The Steelers leading 20- 12. As a Raven fan I have to say  What !!! Come on guys ! We need to start crushing Steeler bones and win some games !! And, the way I see it if we can get past the NFL Lock out, The Ravens will continue to get better just as they have since John Harbough took over as Head Coach. The Ravens are also a dangerous team who are also hard nosed and determined to win and any team that has them on their schedule know they better bring their A – Game or it ‘s light out. This means the Steelers as well, Yes The Steelers !!!  The Ravens and the Steelers are a lot a like with their play style which makes for hard-hitting low scoring games, it’s just up to now the Steelers has had the edge.

I think fans of either side do things that they hope will put some Mojo in the air and effect their team in a positive cosmic way, like yelling out ” Run Forest Run” because when Big Ben is on the run he usually makes something good happen for the most part, but the Ravens get a piece of him almost every game. Or we have a   negative jinx for the opposing team ,like getting drunk and pulling your pants to your knees and mooning the tv screen or kicking, spitting and screaming hoping they will hear you from miles and miles away. I know these scenarios fit the fans for both teams. From where I am from it is very diverse when it comes to football. Here in Baltimore there are fans of all teams and Steeler fans are everywhere, so it’s very likely as you walk into the local grocery store or corner bar you are most likely to run into someone sporting gold & black and most of the time nothing is said, but every once in while especially when The Ravens and Steelers are in a “dead heat” in the division they see you sporting your purple and you see the gold and black, the chest sticks out with a stout walk and the eye brow curls and eyes bulging in a brief stare down,thoughts bouncing  inside our heads,”  Yeah, we know what’s up, now bring it boy.” Maybe it’s my way of thinking , but I would expect that if I went to a game at Heinz Field or lived in Pittsburgh!

But, it’s cool and that’s what it is,  Trash Talking , Smash Mouth Football and I wouldn’t want it any other way for I am a “Raven Lunatic”. I want my team to Win, Win, Win and for Steeler fans it is the same. They bleed black and gold and we bleed purple and can’t wait for the next scheduled rivalry game that boosts NFL ratings.

We want to hear the crackling of helmets, limping opposition ,scoring touch downs and quarter back sacks. We want to hear the roar of the crowd of all the fellow fans and sometimes we want to see blood. And , I can’t speak for every Raven fan, but I say the bottom line is,” May the best team win.” Underneath of my sounding rough and tough exterior I do have a soft spot for some Steeler fans.

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One Response to The Rivalry that Rocks the NFL The Baltimore Ravens vs The Pittsburgh Steelers

  1. hawleywood40 says:

    I will keep telling Forrest to run (it works!) and you will keep mooning the TV, and we’ll see what happens on Sept 11. Love you!

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