Hi, I am Vinnie, Vin Weasel that is ! !

Hello, I am Vin Weasel not to be confused with Vin Diesel. I am way cooler and much better looking if I need to say so myself. I have seen his movies and Yes, he is slick, but I am way slicker. I can weasel into the smallest crack to escape danger and my feet have built-in trampolines. I am as fast as lightning and have the moves like no other varmint. In the weasel world I am the weasel and they don’t call me Vin Weasel for nothing. Catch me if you can. Maybe I could call my agent to see if he needs a stunt double or to replace him altogether. Vin Diesel has nothing on me.

I have a human mom and dad named Pam & Lee and a brother, well adopted brother named Sylvester and he is a cat.

A normal day for me is lounging in my loft that my Dad built for me. You can always find me kicked back in my hammock free of worries. Once in a while I slide down my tube to get a bit to eat and a drink, then it’s back up the tube to my loft for hours of sleepy time.


I know my Mom & Dad love me a lot. They feed me and let me weasel around the house to stretch. I am not too keen with the hugs and kisses, but I let them do it, because I love them too.

My brother on the other hand, I am not sure if he loves me or not, because when I am in my loft he stops by and tries to whack me with his paws through the cage, he doesn’t have claws on his front paws, so I guess that’s a good thing for me. Mommy is always saying that he is trying to eat me and sometimes I believe her when he traps me in a ‘kitty hold”. Other then that it’s pretty around cool here. I love my life and my family, but I have one more thing to do.

          I am calling my agent as we speak. Move over Vin Diesel cuz Vin     Weasel is coming to Hollywood


About OneWithTheUniverse

Hello Lee here, 42 yo Born and raised in Baltimore,Md, There is a story behind Boogersview she ( Pam Hawley ) who is also a blogger here calls me booger, so Here is Boogers View. I love to fish , camp, hike and bike ride. I like to work in my yard, landscaping, cut grass, gardening. I have a fat cat named Slyvester and Cool ferret named Vin Weasel I like to blog about things that amaze and interest me or concern me good or bad. I am new here so, let's see how it goes. Also, I am on FaceBook stop by and say Hi.
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One Response to Hi, I am Vinnie, Vin Weasel that is ! !

  1. hawleywood40 says:

    Cutest. Weasel. Ever!

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