Ancient Astronauts


Here I go off into an adventure of Ancient Astronauts.

It’s a subject that’s on my mind and I am sure it’s on the minds of many as  65% – 80% of the world population believes that aliens exist and has come to earth and revealed themselves to our ancestors.

The Scope of The Universe is so vast it is sometimes hard to imagine just how vast it really is.

 Here are some examples to show just how endless the universe is and how tiny we all really are.

If we took off in a rocket from earth traveling 25,700 miles per hour set out to travel crossed our solar system it would take us 30.3 years to reached the outskirts.

If we were to travel at the speed of light, which is 186,000 mile per second, from one edge of our galaxy ( The Milky Way ) to the other edge it would take us 100,000 years and this is only in our microscopic part of the universe.

And, here is what just makes me say, “Wow.”

The nearest star from earth other than our own star ( The Sun ) is Proxima Centavri and it is 4.22 light years away.

The distance that light travels in a vacuum in one year, approximately  5.88 trillion (5.88 × 1012) miles.

So, you do the math. All we can muster at this stage in our human evolution is 25,700 mile per hour in a manned space craft or approx 100,000 miles per hour in an unmanned space craft such as a orbiter.  We have a long way to go before we can even start to think on the same level of a more advanced race.

Television and Radio in America, scheduled public broadcasts did not start until 1939, 72 years ago.

The inventions of the automobile and airplanes are just over a century old.

Think about it for a minute or two.

We just put a man on the moon 42 years ago in 1969 and that’s the furthest man has been away from the earth ( 240,000 miles. Also, we have sent out many unmanned orbiters that can visit all our neighboring planets millions and millions of miles from earth, but it just seems primitive to me, not in a human way, because I think we are where we should be, but primitive in a cosmic way, because only life that can survive past infancy which can last tens of thousands of years, will find the knowledge they have been searching for. Unlike our world of yesterday when somethings seemed impossible. When man said certain things just can not be done,  but was proven possible. In our world today we finally realize that, anything and everything is possible and we are definitely on the right track.

 Science has come a long way since ancient times and in the last 66 years science has advanced full fold when we discovered how to harness the power of the sun by splitting atoms and creating the Atom Bomb in 1945. An amazing scientific feat, but on a cosmic scale we are merely infants still learning to focus our eyes to see colors and shapes and then leaning to crawl before we learn to walk. We are not there yet,we are still trying to focus our eyes.

Even, Albert Einstein did not know everything , but pointed us in the right direction. Most of the things he figured out are very beneficial to us and some could lead to destruction in the future.

My outlook on this subject may be the same as many other believers.

I think when the earth was lifeless and without form 4.5 billions years ago, a fiery rock being bombarded by comets and asteroids , aliens were where we are today, just infants living on their own planet out there somewhere evolving in the same way we did,  as we are here a part of everything else we see in the universe. From that fiery rock the earth began to cool and began to breathe and life flourished and we evolved for millions and millions of years and now we are driving around in our cars fueled by the remains of ancient dinosaurs. Power our homes and factories with coal, which is ancient plant matter. Since we can do that it allows us to sit at home watching, “How The Universe Works”and” Ancient Aliens” on “The Discovery Channel” on our high-definition television, but they have evolved for much longer and things we can only dream about, they have in my palm of their hand. Although some things may be different depending on the law of physics from where they are from, because some scientist believe that the laws of physics can change, but we are all made of the same matter.

Our bodies are made up of star-dust. Just as everything you see around you. We come from an exploding super massive star, the explosion is called a super nova and the left over star-dust that floats through space and time is called nebula.

If science is right, which I believe it is, for me to think that we are alone is impossible. The vast distances open up a wide range of possibility and it’s very probable that life does exist out there in many different forms including beings of another race.

Astronomers now have the ability to see further into the universe like never before and realizing that there are more solar systems out there. Other planets orbiting around their own sun. Some still evolving while others may have life.

Ancient People see “Sky People.”

Ancient Alien Theorist believe that ancient people saw aliens in the sky and they communicated with them and even thought they were “Gods” and may be an inspiration that started ” religion. They depicted what they saw with their own perception at the time. There are many different scenarios and evidence that Ancient Aliens Theorist believe and if I went through them all, I could sit here and write page after page to cover it all, but I will say that I am a believer and it’s not about what I have read about Ancient Alien theory, it’s about the vastness of our universe and the probability that out there somewhere is another solar system where there is another planet or many planets much like earth which orbits in the habitable zone around their own sun who has been living life for millions if not billions of years far more advanced than us humans. They are astronauts as we are astronauts and could learn a lot from them.

Think about this for a while.

This kinda goes back to when I was trying to give examples of how vast the universe really is. If there is life out there and it’s beyond our sight, millions and millions, even billions, trillions of light years away. The Universe is Infinite. Even though they are more advanced than humans it just may be that the vast distance could be beyond their reach as well and that is most likely why we have not connected yet.

The stories of UFO’s are also very probable, but with the hoaxes and fakes really waters down any truth, although it is very possible.

My only fear is, if they did try to communicate with us we would most likely try to blow them up even if they were a friend or a foe.

And, between the hoaxes and friend or foe ? That’s a whole different post there.

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