Silent God


Silent God             May 4, 2011

It’s been awhile since I have felt you
Your presence has past away
My heart is broke and wandering
Yet you didn’t stay
I always keep my eyes looking toward the sky
Hoping to see you peek
Hoping to feel the breeze you send
Brushing on my cheek
Just a nudge to let me know you are still there
To help me to breathe
In a world of belief that is not willing to share
Today is my birthday
So, I thought you would stop by
On this rainy day the clouds pass away, I look up 
I can see your rainbow as it shines in the sky
My Silent God, no words to speak
As a gift he gave me eyes to see and a heart to seek
I realize that no words are needed
Just take a good look around
Reach deep into your heart
And, find that what was lost
Can now be found


About OneWithTheUniverse

Hello Lee here, 42 yo Born and raised in Baltimore,Md, There is a story behind Boogersview she ( Pam Hawley ) who is also a blogger here calls me booger, so Here is Boogers View. I love to fish , camp, hike and bike ride. I like to work in my yard, landscaping, cut grass, gardening. I have a fat cat named Slyvester and Cool ferret named Vin Weasel I like to blog about things that amaze and interest me or concern me good or bad. I am new here so, let's see how it goes. Also, I am on FaceBook stop by and say Hi.
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