I am Lee aka  “Booger”. I was born and raise in Baltimore, Md. A Rabid Football Fan , Go Ravens ! Just started blogging on April 1, 2011. I like to fish,camp, hike and bike riding. I love to work in my yard, landscape, cut grass, garden and just keep things straight and in order whether it’s cleaning the house or washing my van.

I like music, poetry, writing lyrics.

I have a fat cat named Sylvester and a Ferret we call Vin Weasel. 

My Boogersview thing comes from Pam calling me Booger and it’s my view of things  so, it’s  Boogersview.

I am here to express myself and my views on certain topics.

I love Pam who is my other half . She is a Inspiring Fiction Writer and also another blogger here who is rubbing off on me. Check her out @  hawleyville.wordpress.com. Oh, She’s a Pittsburgh Steeler Fan.

We have an ongoing football rivalry going on around here. Every new football season brings anxiety filled excitement along with who is going to be Number One This Year !!! The Baltimore Ravens Vs The Pittsburgh Steelers. And , Yes this house gets crazy on Sundays.

But all in all we have a good time with it just as long as The Ravens Beat the Steelers  >>> Wink <<<


2 Responses to About

  1. Greetings 🙂
    Thought I’d drop by and and say hi after you visited my corner. I’ve read much of your blog and like it..you seem down to earth, open and honest in your writing. Love the rivalry between you and your other half 🙂 And your taste in music is pretty cool 🙂

    Thanks for subscribing btw..much appreciated..hope I can keep you interested.

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